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Membership Application Form

Joining the SRT Alliance

The SRT Alliance is a commercially funded group dedicated to managing and supporting the open source implementation of SRT, a transport protocol for enabling the delivery of high-quality, low-latency video across the public Internet. This alliance is accelerating interoperability of video streaming solutions and fostering collaboration with industry leaders to achieve lower latency internet video transport. The SRT Alliance is led by founding members Wowza and Haivision, and is open to new members who want to participate actively in growing the ecosystem of SRT in low latency video streaming workflows, thereby helping to improve the way the world streams video.

There is currently no fee to join the alliance. Once your application is reviewed and approved, the primary contact will receive a confirmation email and your logo will be posted on the SRT Alliance website with a link to your company website. The purpose of this application is to gain some insight on your company and the relevance of your business. The information provided in this application will ONLY be shared with the alliance founders. Please complete and SUBMIT the form, and email a vector of your company logo to: 

Apply for Membership
To join the SRT Alliance, please complete the form below and email your company logo to info@srtalliance.org

Please provide an overview of your interest in joining the SRT Alliance, including what your company hopes to gain from becoming a member.

Logo Submission

Please email your logo to info@srtalliance.org. A high res logo is required with the following specifications to be used on the SRT Alliance website (srtalliance.org) and other promotional purposes such as tradeshows, webinars, and email communications:
   • Image Size: 460X380px (minimum)
   • Background: Transparent
   • Format: AI or EPS or SVG

For more information, download the SRT Alliance Membership Guide.

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